Assessment Statements – July 2020

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Community residents may have received a July 2020 assessment statement from Thrive Community Management stating that both July and August fees were due, but please be aware that you only need to pay for the month of July at this time.

Also some residents may have had credits or outstanding balances that weren’t reflected on this assessment statement. Thrive is doing their best to get all the information in order but please bare with them as it may take a month or two for this information is fully up to date. Pay the amount shown in your statement until the information is updated. The only exception is the above mentioned extra month of August. Thrive will send a notification to each resident (home owners) letting them know the balances have been updated and they will the opportunity to review and inform them of any payments that have not yet been applied.

If you have any questions or if Thrive does not have the correct information for you, please contact Annette, our community manager. Link to the right.

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