HOA Vice President Has Stepped Down

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Wayne, our HOA Vice President has stepped down from the Board to spend more time with his family. As some of you may know, being on the Board, can sometimes take a lot of our time and that has been the case since we’ve been on the Board. Going through multiple management companies and managers, different landscapers (which Wayne personally over sought), helped to make numerous decisions to improve the overall look of this community, and not to mention he took a fall a while back which put him in a wheel chair for a months, so I can honestly say if anyone needed a break to spend more time with his family, it’s Wayne.

I would like to personally thank Wayne for his time on the Board, the insight he provided on many things and the ideas he brought has helped steer this community back in the right direction. The community should be proud of the work he has accomplished during his time on the Board, and if you see him in the community, please shake his hand give him a personal thank you!

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