Something Newsworthy is Coming…

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In the past, you may have seen flyers posted on the mailboxes, even the Board has been guilty of this, but those mailboxes are actually property of the federal government and posting on them is illegal. We have also noticed flyers being posted on light posts too (which some of forgotten to remove). This is one a big reasons why we wanted to create this website, for news and updates, such as this post and to share it with the community. But we forgot one part, you. You have no way of posting to the website. You can contact the Board with concerns or even if you have something you wanted to share with the community and we could post it for you, if it were appropriate for the community, as we did for the yoga in the park offer.

The Message Board

But not everyone visits this website, in fact some might not even know it’s here. Because of that, we still wanted a physical way of sharing news with you. And a way for you to share flyers, lost pets, sales, business cards, etc. So we will shortly have a new message board located at the edge of the large park on 157th. This would be visible to cars that drive by and any one walking or visiting the park. This message board will have 2 sections with closable doors. One will be for community news and updates only and will be lockable and for use by Board members. The other side will still have a glass door but the lock will have a permanent, affixed key which anyone could open pin their post(s). The door is there just to make it weather proof. This will be on the honor system. You will need to be respectful of other posted flyers and out dated or unapproved post will be removed. And getting back to this website, we’d also like for you to have the ability to list your business info. Stay tuned for more info on that coming shortly.

The Shed

On top of that, we will have a small shed behind the message board. This is just for Board member use, to store small supplies, but we will also be attaching some sort of bin or box to the side of the shed that will be used for a lost and found. Just a simple box to keep things in, if anyone so happens to see things left at the parks. A first place for everyone to look for their lost belongings.

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