State of Community – August 2020

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While some things seem to be looking a little unsatisfactory around the community with fallen trees and plants dying, due mostly from the storms and because of remaining issues with the irrigation, but be rest ensured that the Board is on top of things. Please remember that we are mostly a new Board with a new management team and new vendors, which has led to things getting off to a slow start, and in fact, much slowing than we originally anticipated.

The Board is working with management and vendors to focus in on areas that needs attention first. Covid-19 has not made any of this easier on anyone and has also stopped us from having available meeting space on the school next door.

As Board members and as residents in this community that we share, please know we want it to look its best just as much as you do. We want things to run smoothly, we want to bring this community together and we want to share what’s going on. Creating this website and giving you access to our community management’s portal, where you can see the latest news and updates, find helpful information, pay bills online and still more to come, is but a small start of things we want to see get accomplished. And with your help and support, we will get things accomplished together.

If you have ideas, concerns or general questions about the community, please contact the community management team or the Board directly.