2nd Attempt Election Results

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close up photo of vote stickers on people s fist

It was a very close call, but we did meet quorum this time with the minimum of 28 submitted ballots.

Jason Etzel and Anthony Wrinkler were voted for and will remain on the Board. Jason has been President for most of the past 2 years, while Anthony was appointed to the Board by the current Board members, Jason and Wayne to fill in the 3rd seat. This Board was taken down to a 3 member Board last year.

The Board has agreed to remain in their current seats with one exception, Anthony will now occupy the role of Treasurer. Please keep in mind however, while we do have our individual roles, that this Board also works closely together, along with our Community Management team, we all try to help out each other and ensure we’re all in the know and double checking details, invoices, financials and more. This is how things should be handled and will remain being handled for as long as we are on the Board. This is why the community has been looking better and why we are getting things done.

Together this Board has added new activities, tables and benches, and solar lights to the parks or adding the message board and this website to post community updates to, and more.. and of course, we’re not even close to being done.

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