New Landscaping Vendor

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The Board would like to welcome BrightView as our new community landscaping company. We are excited to have them and you may have already seen them out making observations and detailed notes on what needs to be done.

They have, in fact, already taken care a of few branches that needed removing as well as investigate the water leakage that took place in the park last weekend, which spread onto the basketball court. More on that will be coming soon along with other more information all residents should know. Please keep an eye out for a new page under the Important Information section in the next week or so.

Please contact the Board or management about any leaks, downed trees or branches, or anything else where there may be issues effecting the community or residents. The Board is doing our best during these difficult times to ensure things are being taken care of in a timely basis and where budget allows. Thank you for your understanding and taking time to help make this community great, if not, better than it has ever been.

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