Irrigation Audit – July 2020

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Our landscaping company has been on site the past few days doing an audit of our irrigation system. This includes all sprinklers, drip lines, valves and leaking pipes.

They have, in fact, already replaced a few broken valves, some sprinklers and many drip lines that were missing their caps, which … READ MORE → “Irrigation Audit – July 2020”

Pest Control Boxes / Traps – July 2020

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Our pest control vendor, City Wide, has placed box traps around the community. These will usually be placed behind bushes, but may still be visible. Our community, and others around us, including Calibre school, has been having gofer issues. These traps have been mainly set to capture them, but there … READ MORE → “Pest Control Boxes / Traps – July 2020”

Assessment Statements – July 2020

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Community residents may have received a July 2020 assessment statement from Thrive Community Management stating that both July and August fees were due, but please be aware that you only need to pay for the month of July at this time.

Also some residents may have had credits or outstanding … READ MORE → “Assessment Statements – July 2020”

Paying HOA Assessments

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Community members were sent an assessment statement with payment coupon for June 2020 by CMC, our former management company. But upon trying to pay, they were told there was no account available for our community to accept payment.

This is because we now have a new community management company, Thrive. … READ MORE → “Paying HOA Assessments”

Thrive Community Management

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As you may know, CMC, whom was our previous community management company, had terminated their relationship with our community. That information was shared with the community at the meeting held on Thursday, June 11th, 2020.

Since then, the Board had been actively searching for a new management company, and had … READ MORE → “Thrive Community Management”