More Vandalism in the Parks

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Well, I was about to post on the new table and benches we added to the parks, but then someone or some persons had to and ruin things… again.

They flipped the newly installed table between the group of trees on it’s side, pulling the concrete supports out of the … READ MORE → “More Vandalism in the Parks”

Theft & Damages in the Community

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Recently there have been theft of flowers from the entryway monuments on Acoma, tampering with the solar lights, and damages to community property including the message board and shed. This cost the community money and, in the end, you the residents will pay for it with increased fees and possibly … READ MORE → “Theft & Damages in the Community”

Vandalism & Theft Will Not Be Tolerated

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In recent weeks, the community has had sprinklers broken, value boxes had wires cut, the new shed was broken into, the new message board has had all of the push pins removed, kids placed their homework in it and section titles that were printed just for the message board were … READ MORE → “Vandalism & Theft Will Not Be Tolerated”

Update on Landscaping – April/May 2022

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Jim from Poor Daddy Landscaping has been asked by the Board to give updates on the current state of the community grounds and progress done to take care of it. Here is a list of updates from him:

Weed Spray

  • We have completed the weed spray and the weeds have
READ MORE → “Update on Landscaping – April/May 2022”