HOA Vice President Has Stepped Down

Jul 9, 20221 min read
HOA Vice President Has Stepped Down

Wayne, our HOA Vice President has stepped down from the Board to spend more time with his family. As some of you may know, being on the Board, can sometimes take a lot of our time and that has been the case since we’ve been on the Board. Going through multiple management companies and managers, different landscapers (which Wayne personally…

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Vandalism & Theft Will Not Be Tolerated

Jun 1, 20222 min read
Vandalism & Theft Will Not Be Tolerated

In recent weeks, the community has had sprinklers broken, value boxes had wires cut, the new shed was broken into, the new message board has had all of the push…

2nd Attempt Election Results

May 16, 20222 min read
2nd Attempt Election Results

It was a very close call, but we did meet quorum this time with the minimum of 28 submitted ballots. Jason Etzel and Anthony Wrinkler were voted for and will…

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