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Rachael Rich

Community Management
Brown Community Management

The Board encourages you to first reach out to our community manager, Rachael from Brown Community Management. They will be able to help all residents with any community questions, concerns, or comments you may have. or questions.

If for some reason you can’t reach our management team or maybe you just want to communicate directly with the HOA Board members, please use this form below. All messages sent with this form will be forwarded to all Board members and, if deemed necessary, to Annette as well.

A Board member will respond within 48 hours, unless it is a weekend or holiday, then by the end of the next business day. Initial response will be by email, if further communication is required, then other types of communication can be made.

    We'll send out important updates, meeting details, board member changes and any incidents within the community you may need to be aware of.