More Downed Trees & Erosion & Other Updates

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Storm Damages

The recent storm has once again knocked down a couple more trees on Acoma. The HOA is already on top of these and they should be cleared soon.

Park Erosion

The clean up around the playground area and sandlot is still underway. We had a few supply shortages … READ MORE → “More Downed Trees & Erosion & Other Updates”

Update on Landscaping – April/May 2022

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Jim from Poor Daddy Landscaping has been asked by the Board to give updates on the current state of the community grounds and progress done to take care of it. Here is a list of updates from him:

Weed Spray

  • We have completed the weed spray and the weeds have
READ MORE → “Update on Landscaping – April/May 2022”

Irrigation Issues: Leaks and Flag Markers

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Recently your Board has received numerous inquiries regarding pooling of water in many areas of the common areas. Addressing irrigation issues on a case by case basis is time consuming and creating a backlog with Poor Daddy’s Landscaping, our community‚Äôs new landscape vendor. It has been determined that our irrigation … READ MORE → “Irrigation Issues: Leaks and Flag Markers”

Introducing Poor Daddy’s Landscaping

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The State of the Community

Good help is hard to come by. As President of this community’s Board of Directors, I can honestly say that Wayne (VP) and myself have constantly tried to get our past landscaping vendor to do what they were contractually obligated to do. In fact, Wayne … READ MORE → “Introducing Poor Daddy’s Landscaping”

Many New Plants have been Planted

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As stated previously, BrightView, our landscaping vendor, has been actively planting new plants in the common areas and along the streets. We are planting over 400 new plants as well as ensuring existing plants will be getting the water they need and any unused drip lines will be capped off.… READ MORE → “Many New Plants have been Planted”

Rejuvenation & Pruning

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Our landscaping vendor, BrightView, wanted us to pass along this important information on formal vs. seasonal pruning. You may have noticed some shrubs looking a little bare and this downloadable article will help fill you in on how shearing is detrimental to a shrub but proper seasonal pruning can enhance … READ MORE → “Rejuvenation & Pruning”