Community Projects

The HOA Board is proud of what we have accomplished and we want to share everything with the community.

While the News & Updates section does help to keep the community informed of things, it does require research to get the whole picture. So in an effort to easily share more with the community, the list below will show current and completed projects and their status.

Please click on a project to search if any news was posted about it.

Halloween Costume Contest & PotluckCommunity EventsLarge ParkScheduled2021
Soccer NetNew InstallSmall ParkPlanning2021-22
Wall PaintingPaintingCommunity WidePlanning2021-22
Wall RepairsRepair Cracks & Patch HolesCommunity WideReviewing Bids2021
Tree TrimmingSeasonal TrimmingCommunity WideIn Process2021
Sewer & DrainageCleaning & RepairsBoth Parks & Water Retention on GeldingCompleted2021
Paint SchemesUpdates & New SchemesCommunity WideCompleted2020-21
Kids PlaygroundReplacementLarge ParkPlanning2020-22
Meet Your Neighbors BBQCommunity EventsLarge ParkCompleted2021
Granite ReplenishmentReplenishmentCommunity WideCompleted2021
Replanted Plants and FlowersReplanted After Major Summer DamageCommunity WideCompleted2021
IrrigationMajor Repairs to Drip Lines and ValvesCommunity WideCompleted2020-21
Park BBQ Grills and Trash CansReplaced with NewLarge ParkCompleted2021
Large Solar LightNew InstallLarge ParkCompleted2021
Wall RepairRepaired & Painted Cracked WallAlong Acoma near ReemsCompleted2021
Tree TrimmingSeasonal TrimmingCommunity WideCompleted2020
WebsiteBuilt (this) New Community WebsiteOnlineCompleted2020
This list has projects starting from 2020. Multiple year projects were likely because of budgetary Issues or other circumstances that required them to be adjusted and/or pushed to a later date.