General Board Meeting – Dec 2022

The Board of Directors will be holding a general session meeting on Sunday, December 11th, 2022.  The meeting will start at 3:00 pm with a General Session meeting and will allow residents time to ask any questions.

An Exec meeting will proceed the meeting, at 2:30 pm. Please remember that that only HOA Board members and Management are allowed to attend the Exec meetings.

This meeting will be held in the ramada of larger park within our community on 157th and Evans. Please view/download the meeting agenda below (if available) for a list of the topics that will be discussed during this meeting.

Meeting Rules

Every homeowner has a right to be heard and all shall be treated fairly. However, due to outbursts at prior meetings, anyone talking out of turn and/or not allowing other homeowners or members of the Board to answer/speak to questions or concerns will not be tolerated and will be given one warning only and then you’ll be asked to leave. Police officer may be on hand for special meetings or will be called to handle unruly residents.

Homeowners (and renters whom have permission from the homeowner/property management listed as property owner) are invited to attend and observe the Board of Director meetings and can be updated on pending matters. But please remember, only the homeowner’s/property management’s voice can be heard from and only at the designated time.

Meeting Agenda

Download a Copy of the Meeting Agenda

The event is finished.


Dec 11 2022


3:00 PM - 3:30 PM


HOA Meeting
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