New Community Manager Maui Uhatafe

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There has been yet another change made to our community management team, again we are still with Brown Community Management, and Community Manager, Rachael Rich will still be helping out for a short time, but will be taking on other duties and our new Community Manager will now be Maui … READ MORE → “New Community Manager Maui Uhatafe”

Paying HOA Assessments

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Community members were sent an assessment statement with payment coupon for June 2020 by CMC, our former management company. But upon trying to pay, they were told there was no account available for our community to accept payment.

This is because we now have a new community management company, Thrive. … READ MORE → “Paying HOA Assessments”

Thrive Community Management

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As you may know, CMC, whom was our previous community management company, had terminated their relationship with our community. That information was shared with the community at the meeting held on Thursday, June 11th, 2020.

Since then, the Board had been actively searching for a new management company, and had … READ MORE → “Thrive Community Management”