Sewer Drains Lowered

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We recently had our water retention area (WRA) drains cleaned and while they were out inspecting them, the Board we notified about a some cracks around a drain. This drain was located within the WRA on the east side of the community on Gelding. That drain and another one within that same WRA and a 3rd within the smaller park on 157th, had drains that were raised above the ground. For the most part this wouldn’t be a concern, but with future plans of possibly utilizing that WRA on Gelding and hopefully soon to be adding a soccer net to in the smaller park, and since we had to repair the crack anyway, we went ahead and had those 3 drains lowered to be flush with the ground level surrounding it.

Drain – Before being lowered.
Drain – After being lowered.

The larger park on 157th has a drain but it is already flush with the ground.

The soccer net was to be added to the larger park, but that would’ve meant the ball would either have been kicked towards the basketball court or towards the street between the 2 parks, possibly hitting people or cars going by. The better spot is to place it in the smaller park on the south end which would allow the ball to be kicked against the high hill and walls, safely away from others. Please watch for the soccer net coming within the next year.

Small Park on 157th Dr where Soccer Net will go.

This is just a small step in adding more features to the parks and to help keep them safe for our community to enjoy.

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