Goodbye Thrive, Welcome Brown

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By now most of you should have received a notice from Brown Community Managemet, Inc., stating that they will be our new management company starting on November 1st. This is true. Greenway Parc 2 and our past management company, Thrive, have agreed to a mutual separation. While they were not with us for very long, they did help lay the foundation to get the community moving in the right direction and the HOA Board wishes them the greatest success.

We have chosen Brown Management to continue where Thrive is leaving off and we only see good things to come with this new management. Rachael Rich, will be our new community manager and even before they have officially started, I know her and the rest of the team at Brown Management have been hard at work getting things setup, working with Thrive to ensure a smooth transition and even looking in to getting bids on things the community still needs to work on.

Brown Community Management

The Board is also working on getting some much needed attention to the Acoma and 157th entry way monuments, adding granite (rocks) to areas that need it, replanting of flowers, plants and trees and other exciting property enhancements. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available as the Board will always post the latest news and updates here on this website. Also be sure to check back here from notifications about events and meetings. Be sure to sign up on our email list below.