Halloween Costume Contest & Pizza Party 2023

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cute little girl with halloween bucket

It’s that time of year again.. the time when we (should) all get together to with your friends and family to scare and scream, to dress up as anything you want, to get free candy and pizza, to meet your fellow community residents and most importantly, to have … READ MORE → “Halloween Costume Contest & Pizza Party 2023”

It’s No Trick, Snag This Treat Tonight!

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During tonight’s Halloween Party, if you participate in the costume or pumpkin carving contests, one winner from each will take home a custom crafted Halloween themed LED lit shadow box, created by yours truly, HOA President, Jason.

Don’t want to dress up or carve a pumpkin, no problem, you … READ MORE → “It’s No Trick, Snag This Treat Tonight!”

Halloween Pizza & Pumpkins Party

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halloween items on round table

It’s the best time of year.. when you get to eat all the candy you want without any consequences.. or so we all wish! But that doesn’t mean we don’t eat candy anyway. Or pizza. Or pumpkin pies. Or turkey. Or.. well you get the idea. So why not come … READ MORE → “Halloween Pizza & Pumpkins Party”

Halloween Potluck and Costume Contest Photos

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The Halloween Potluck turned out to be a great day. We had quite a turn out in the end as more people showed up about half thru the event.

A few other brought food and candy somehow they even started dancing in the basketball court.

Please stay tuned as we … READ MORE → “Halloween Potluck and Costume Contest Photos”

Halloween Costume Contest & Potluck 2021

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In celebration of this all Hallows’ Eve, on Sunday, October 17th, in the large park, we will be having a fun filled day of food, games, costumes, candy, spooks and more! Bring your family, you friends, you ghouls, ghosts and goblins and be ready to scare and get silly. Witches … READ MORE → “Halloween Costume Contest & Potluck 2021”