Irrigation Issues: Leaks and Flag Markers

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Recently your Board has received numerous inquiries regarding pooling of water in many areas of the common areas. Addressing irrigation issues on a case by case basis is time consuming and creating a backlog with Poor Daddy’s Landscaping, our community‚Äôs new landscape vendor. It has been determined that our irrigation … READ MORE → “Irrigation Issues: Leaks and Flag Markers”

Irrigation Audit – July 2020

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Our landscaping company has been on site the past few days doing an audit of our irrigation system. This includes all sprinklers, drip lines, valves and leaking pipes.

They have, in fact, already replaced a few broken valves, some sprinklers and many drip lines that were missing their caps, which … READ MORE → “Irrigation Audit – July 2020”

Update on Landscaping – April/May 2022

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Jim from Poor Daddy Landscaping has been asked by the Board to give updates on the current state of the community grounds and progress done to take care of it. Here is a list of updates from him:

Weed Spray

  • We have completed the weed spray and the weeds have
READ MORE → “Update on Landscaping – April/May 2022”

How to Report Monsoon Season Damages

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lightning strikes

While I’m sure we all know how to stay safe and to try stay indoors during the monsoon storms, what may not be clear is how to report certain things, like a downed tree, community damages or other leaking water.

There are contact listings available on this website which we … READ MORE → “How to Report Monsoon Season Damages”

Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA)

This is a great resource for tips and useful information on plants, soil and general landscaping.

Below are links to their..

  • Study Materials
    Where you can find Annuals & Perennials, Irrigation, Pesticides, Plant Identification, Soils & Fertilizer and more.
  • Blog
    Where they post many landscaping and safety tips.

State of Community – August 2020

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While some things seem to be looking a little unsatisfactory around the community with fallen trees and plants dying, due mostly from the storms and because of remaining issues with the irrigation, but be rest ensured that the Board is on top of things. Please remember that we are mostly … READ MORE → “State of Community – August 2020”